On Saturday, we celebrated the sixth (and final) workshop walk along the Mineral Line Poetry Pin trail. The weather blessed us with sunshine and the words were flowing as we walked the gentle two miles from Washford to the harbour town of Watchet.

We watched steam trains pass by, and visited the Witch's Tree (hidden just off the trail). And after collecting some poems (it's a bit like a treasure hunt), and posting a few new ones, we reached the courtyard at Contains Art on the East Quay, to find a fabulous floating exhibition of words - courtesy of Christopher Jelley's hard work that morning to get everything ready.

Have a read of Chris's blog about the walk, and then get yourself down to the UK's first Poetry Town and grab some poems out of the ether! poetrypin.info/news

Mineral Line Poetry Pin
Read and write and walk with us along the Mineral Line on Saturday afternoon - meeting at Washford recreation ground at 1pm and taking a poetic meander to Watchet via the Poetry Pin trail of new works. Bring your smartphone and you can add your own words to the trail as you walk!

ARTlifeLAND News #11 invites you to add your words to Poetry Pin Watchet - the UK's first virtual poetry town and history in the making. Meanwhile, over at Shurton Bars, in the shadow of the new nuclear power station building site, Poetry Pin Hinkley re-opens to new submissions as part of the finale of ARTlife's landscape art programme.

Join us in the latest issue of ARTlifeLAND, with the promise of uncovering myth and mystery along the Mineral Line and a new trail of geo-located poetry. And we celebrate two hundred years of Coleridge's magical poem Kubla Khan. Walking Words #10

Poetry Pin 2.0 is on its way! And this time we're walking the richly historical route from the village of Washford to the harbour town of Watchet, along the West Somerset Mineral Line.

Although the tracks of the old railway line have long since gone, this path is a well-trodden two-miles of beautiful and changing scenery. Its history and heritage are multi-layered and full of stories to inspire the poet in us all. We're teaming up with the West Somerset Mineral Line Association who care for and promote walks along the whole of the route. And we're working with the four local schools and Pebbles Poetry Group to begin a new trail of geo-located poems that everyone is invited to add to this summer.

More details to follow. Keep up with the latest news at facebook.com/PoetryPin